• Emma Claire Crocker

My Beginning

The table has always been my domain. Sunday dinner, birthday gatherings, holiday parties, and every other semi-important day in my childhood had two things in common: a delicious meal made by my mom and a creatively jumbled table set by yours truly.

My job leading up to our family assemblies included roaming around our home and finding inspiration in my familiar surroundings. I would decide the theme for our dinner: garden party, sparkles + pine cones, stripes, or the ever popular gold on gold on gold. Then I would execute my vision, often finishing just before the doorbell rang to signal the first guest's arrival.

I have found these creative expressions imperative in my discovery of all things aesthetic. Space, color, scale, and pattern were all at my disposal. I felt freedom; freedom to explore, play, and experiment with my surroundings unaware of fear and failure.

I hold these memories close to my heart and I cherish the lessons I learned through trial and error. These childhood design sessions informed my process as I navigated all my design courses in college, as I learned how to incorporate style in my life and work, and, no doubt, these lessons will guide me through this new journey of collecting vintage treasures to decoration tables and bring joy to other antique lovers like myself!

So...What's Next?

As I begin this undertaking, I invite you to join me! Although I am far better with table settings than words, I invite you to accompany me as I search for inspiration and implement creativity in all aspects of my life!

With love,


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